About Us

Zhenjiang SIPU Saw Industry Co.,Ltd. specializes in manufacturing various band saws and band saw blades such as metal cutting blades, food cutting blades, automatic or semi-automatic band saws, etc.

We have co-operations with many companies around the world. Our customers come from more than 60 countries and regions, such as Korea, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Russia, Pakistan, France, USA, Mexico, etc.

Our purpose is: keep lowering the cutting costs, keep increasing the cutting efficiency, let all hard cutting materials be easy to cut!

    1. Bandsaws
    2. Bandsaws

      SIPU Saw Industry provides different series of band saws for multiple cutting requirements, including manual, semi-automatic, automatic band saws and more complex types like miter band saws and dual column band saws. For even more complex angle cutting or curve cuts we recommend you the vertical band saws. If you don't see the type that suits you, ask us to quote you a special made machine just for your work. For most metal cutting work, band saws are better than chop saws, because band saws make less noise and more accurate cuts. Band saws are also easy to operate and therefore are the perfect choice for cutting various materials in blocks or in bundles.

    1. Band Saw Blades
    2. Band Saw Blades

      SIPU Saw Industry has more than 10 years experience of making band saw blades, we provide you with high-quality band saw blades as well as professional guidance to make your work more effective and less costly!
      We can provide:
      Naipusi Series (Bi-metal band saw blade for long-time and stable cutting)
      M42-Aidek Series (Bi-metal band saw blade for quick and efficient cutting)
      BT-baistte Series (Bi-metal band saw blade for viscous materials with high hardness)
      FX63-Vanouch Series (Bi-metal band saw blade for specialty steel and difficult-to-cut materials)
      Woodcut Series (Bi-metal band saw blade for woods, plastics or cables.)

    1. Buying Guide
    2. Buying Guide Our experienced service team can offer you a professional guidance before you make a choice. A suitable band saw and band saw blade can make your work much easier!
    1. OEM Processing
    2. OEM Processing We can also offer OEM service, our quality and products are trustworthy!
    1. Customized Service
    2. Customized Service For special needs we can provide customized band saws, just contact us and tell us your requirements, we can quote you a machine made special just for your work!
    1. Packaging
    2. Packaging Band saws are packaged in wooden cases and transported by containers, while band saw blades are wrapped in paper cases and transported by containers.